Redwing Gallery is open for business.

Now located at the former Humphry Davy Pub, 32 Alverton St. the building offers twice the size of the former Redwing. The new space, provides facilities for events, workshops, classes, a cafe, music and more.

Redwing has a history of providing a safe space for all, a place to engage with other community members, dialogue with artists, create new ideas for social change, grow stronger as individuals and as a community. Redwing provides a welcoming space where differences are respected and encouraged. The principles of dialogue, communication and tolerance are Redwing’s major values.

“This proves that heritage can gain new life and purpose by being transformed into lively and modern cultural spaces. It could also be argued that cultural centres tend to be the catalyst for growth, with cities often building arts venues in the expectation that urban regeneration will follow.”

32 Alverton Street had been unused and abandoned for over 8 years. Redwing has the vision to begin to repurpose and revitalize the existing structure. Needless to say, this renovation has a creative wave effect, attracting artists and creatives to show their work, develop their ideas, educate the community while indirectly transforming Penzance. The dynamic thrust of this venture will be felt through Penzance. We are living in a period of unprecedented change and we need to guard, preserve and foster creative growth for future generations, Redwing Gallery is forging ahead. Join us in this initiative.

Please, if you can offer volunteer time to help with the vision of this enterprise, write to us and let us know how you can help. Currently we need a treasurer, project manager and fundraising expertise.

Use the opportunity of volunteering to learn how the artworld really works, where to go for further education and to enhance your resume with a rich experience.

Quotes from Bristol’s Imagineerium

Help support Redwing

Redwing is a Social Enterprise which is committed to creating opportunities for those who find it difficult to access the commercial and publicly funded gallery systems.

You can support us by volunteering, by providing sponsorship of any kind or by making a donation.

Our Current Supporters


Volunteer Opportunities at Redwing

Volunteer Manager

Co-ordinator for our team of volunteers.

Coffee Shop Assistants

serving refreshments, washing up, keeping the cafe tidy.


Assisting with auctions and sales, writing funding proposals, assisting with crowdfunding campaigns.


Keeping the gallery and cafe tidy.


Assisting with computers, printers, projectors.

Press and Marketing Assistant

Writing copy for press and social media.

Events Manager

Organising events.

Graphics Assistant

Designing posters and fliers. Photography.

Redwing volunteers spare 3 or more hours a week to help in the gallery or cafe in Penzance. 

To find out about volunteering at Redwing just call in between 11am and 4.30pm Wednesday to Saturday or email us on 01736 448402. 

Many Thanks

Thank you to Kath, Cornwall Community Foundation, Co-operative, Co-operative BankFEASTDevon and Cornwall Police, the Cornishman, Arts Council England, Santander, B & Q, Heritage Lottery Fund and Cornwall Council for all help since 2012 and to all our volunteers and supporters.