Protecting Wildlife

This project will create a refuge for wildlife.

  • Traditional orchards, added to the UK Biodiversity Action Plan as recently as 2007, are finally being recognised as vital refuges for wildlife, as well as significant to the local character of our landscape. 
  • We will plant fruit and nut trees which will, within a short time, create an ideal refuge for birds and other wildlife, creating a wildlife sanctuary.
  • We will plant a wildlife habitat, of native vegetation, allowing for the movement of animals and the continuation of viable populations.  Game shooting is still carried out by some local landowners.  Recent work by the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) shows a severe decline in the population size and breeding range of our resident woodcock since 1970.  Even the pro-hunting Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust admit that they cannot rule out shooting as contributing to the decline of resident birds. Wildlife will be safe from shooting and hunting on Land for Nature.

Some of the native trees will be managed as coppice. Managing woodland as coppice has been practised for hundreds, if not  thousands of years. Much of the wildlife in coppiced woodlands has adapted  to the coppice being cut on a regular rotation. The additional light  reaching the ground, and the variety of ages of trees in the woodland  provide a wonderful mosaic habitat for a large number of species.

Protecting the Earth

Land for Nature will be managed organically. 

  • Soil is a finite resource that fulfills many important functions and services (ecosystem services) for society, for example as a growing medium for food and timber, as a store for carbon and water, as a reservoir of biodiversity and as a buffer against pollution. It is important that soil resources are protected and used in a sustainable way.
  • The land will be managed for wildlife and safeguarded for the future  by volunteers from the local community.

Community Resource

Volunteers will sensitively interact with the land and take part in traditional rural crafts and outdoor art activities.

The Budget

  • Land Survey/ Planning £4000
  • Saplings £300
  • Contractor Charges/ Land Prep £200
  • Native Trees, stakes, tree guards £1000
  • Hedging plants £1000
  • Fencing / Netting £2500
  • Gate £500
  • Tools £2000
  • Safety Equipment £500
  • Signage £600
  • Fertilizer £200
  • Advertising/ Posters £200
  • Catering/ Refreshments £400
  • Storm Kettle Set £100
  • Volunteers expenses £600
  • Patrol Shelter £400
  • Tool Store £550
  • Insurance £150